Mother and son!

Fangirl Challenge: [7/20] Families » Callie Jacob and Jude Jacob
"You’re not gonna split us up, are you? Cause I won’t leave my brother.”

Honey, to be honest; every mother is afraid that our children won’t love us they way we love them. And they won’t not in the same way. Biology or not. That’s they way it’s supposed to be.

She said she wants to stay with you.


Callie broke up with Wyatt and now they start Brandon x Lou?



How The Fosters Tackled TV’s Biggest Taboo


My Teri Polo
My Sherri Saum

Title: Outlaws
Artist: David Lambert
Played: 352 times

if you’re still way over there

maybe slide on in by my side

'cause i'm just an outlaw, wanted

if you want me, i’ll love you everyday and every night


Some homophobe tried to spread hate in the fandom and this is how Sherri, Teri and Bradley responded